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Michelle Wong LAc

Michelle Wong is a licensed acupuncturist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine as well as Functional medicine. She graduated from UCLA with Bachelor of Science, and from Dongguk University, Los Angeles with her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and has studied in both Beijing and Seoul.
Michelle believes in giving her patients to help discover and treat the root of the problem, so that the various symptoms resolve naturally. This includes aspects of emotional and spiritual health, which Chinese medicine has a long recognized and treats in symphony with the physical.

She has pioneered Sharing Tea, Sharing Hope with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, to serve tea and provide mental health outreach to the Asian American community. And as the wellness coordinator at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, she supervised yoga and Zumba instructors, as well as programmed various wellness and nutrition workshops. She also believes in the power of our natural world and has co-authored “Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West”, sharing herbal remedies from the Chumash tradition with clients and students who attend her local medicine hikes.

Michelle was the primary research associate to Dr. Shui Yin Lo, for the applications of Stable Water Clusters in health care, and is an expert in Thermal Meridian Imaging. She traveled the country educating health professionals about stable water clusters and its application for controlling inflammation, modulating epigenetic expression, and enhancing overall health.

When Michelle has some leisure time, she gardens herbs at the White House Place Learning Garden, listens to jazz, pickles, and sails along the lovely coasts of Southern California.

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