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Should Pain relief – I.A. visiting from DC

I went upon my son’s recommendation while I was visiting LA.
I had neck and shoulder pain and was also chest mucosy.
I went two days in a row.
Day one acupuncture – my first ever! It didn’t hurt 🙂
Day two accu plus cupping.
Michelle explained clearly the body/mind/emotions connections, and suggested chinese herbs as well. I like to understand what is going on in my body and I learned a lot. i.e. grief affects the lungs. Bingo. I had lost someone very dear to me 2 months prior.
I flew home the next day back to DC.
Pain was gone, and my lungs and breathing got well within a week.
I also spoke at length to the male doctor.
Both he and Michelle were amazingly kind, gentle, patient, knowledgeable.
The costs are exceptionally low. They live by the philosophy to help all who need.
I wish I lived in LA.

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