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Long traditions of tasty soups for Post Partum recovery

When I was recovering from major fractures in my leg and hip, I was nurtured back to health by my mothers homemade lugaw.

It’s the Filipino version of congee , or rice porrige , with lots of chicken bone, root vegetable, ginger and green onion. She made a big pot of  early in the morning, and I helped myself morning, noon, and evening. I never grew tired of it – it was so nourishing, and I know it was made with love. So when my father broke his foot a month later, and we were both on crutches, my mom happily made this soup for us. She is a retired nurse with 40 years of experience, including orthopedics and emergency room – and this was the medicine that got us both “back on our feet”!


Check out these recipes for soup for post-partum recovery. These are valuable health traditions passed on from mother to daughters throughout Asia. And based on my experience recovering from a bad accident – home made soups are among the best medicines of all.

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